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Pollinators Need Your Help

Some uninformed people think that all insects are bad and need to be controlled. On the contrary, insects and other pollinators are an extremely important part of our planet’s ecosystem. The vast majority of insects are beneficial. Insects form the … Continue reading

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2016 Dover Curbside Weed Control

Despite much communication and resource sharing over the past year, the city of Dover will once again be having contractors spray herbicides along the curb lines of our downtown area streets. At least four times this season, usually around the … Continue reading

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A Letter To Our Neighbors

To our neighbors: We know it’s important to you to maintain your home. You’ve made an investment and you want to take care of it. Having a well kept lawn and yard is one of the ways you show that … Continue reading

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Dover School District Needs a Pesticide Policy Now

Back in May of 2015 I wrote an open letter to the Dover school district Superintendent Elaine Arbour. Here it stands, July 7th, and despite a verbal commitment, numerous emails, phone calls and sharing of resources, we still have no … Continue reading

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Lyme, Tickborne Diseases And Pesticides

Lyme disease is a serious infection that can be transmitted by the bite of Ixodes scapularis – more commonly known as the black-legged deer tick. Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, was discovered in the early 1980’s in Old … Continue reading

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A Dangerous Oversimplification

“The dose makes the poison.” We’ve all heard this familiar phrase before in our school science textbooks. It’s a central tenet in the field of toxicology and used often to describe a linear or montonic dose response – when a … Continue reading

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Local Sponsors Needed

We have just finished a new project and need help from our local Dover and seacoast area businesses! We’ve written and designed an educational brochure to distribute to the public. It outlines the issues surrounding the regulations and testing of … Continue reading

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