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FREE Lawn Care Workshop

DoverNHFlyer 3.31.16. Watch the entire workshop posted on the City’s website, here: https://dovernh.viebit.com/vod/?v=h2ATycZbZMwc&s=true Advertisements

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Create a Beautiful Organic Lawn This Fall

Fall will be here before you know it, and it happens to be the ideal time to switch to organic lawn care. Once you get your lawn established, it will save money, time and resources in addition to the obvious … Continue reading

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Show Your Lawn Some Love

Stardate: May 2015. The small lawn area in front of our rental had seen better days. Previous damage had left bare spots that would normally fill in with crabgrass, but didn’t as quickly due to a dry spell. In short, … Continue reading

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Dover’s 2015 Turf Season – Organic Spaces

We have some good news regarding this year’s turf maintenance bid. Two of the city owned spaces will be treated organically. Lower Henry Law Park and Sullivan Drive ball field are to be maintained by Go Green Landscaping Inc. This … Continue reading

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Local Retailer Phasing Out Toxic Pesticides

Having been informed about the good things going on at Eldredge Lumber by a Non-Toxic Dover, NH facebook group member, I took the time to get in touch with them to find out more. I spoke to John Bochert at … Continue reading

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Pesticides and Our Pets

There are an estimated 74.1 million cats, and approximately 70 million dogs living in homes in the United States. People keep domesticated animals for a variety of reasons; protection, company, or simply because they are cute and lovable. Companion animals … Continue reading

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The Precautionary Principle and Pesticides

Back in 1998, the attendees of the Wingspread Conference (scientists, philosophers, lawyers and environmental activists) created a consensus statement known as the Precautionary Principle*. Let’s take a look at some highlights. ‘We believe existing environmental regulations and other decisions, particularly … Continue reading

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