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A Letter To Our Neighbors

To our neighbors: We know it’s important to you to maintain your home. You’ve made an investment and you want to take care of it. Having a well kept lawn and yard is one of the ways you show that … Continue reading

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Local Retailer Phasing Out Toxic Pesticides

Having been informed about the good things going on at Eldredge Lumber by a Non-Toxic Dover, NH facebook group member, I took the time to get in touch with them to find out more. I spoke to John Bochert at … Continue reading

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Pesticides and Our Pets

There are an estimated 74.1 million cats, and approximately 70 million dogs living in homes in the United States. People keep domesticated animals for a variety of reasons; protection, company, or simply because they are cute and lovable. Companion animals … Continue reading

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Sustainable Dover – creating a more sustainable future?

In 2005, Dover, New Hampshire city officials adopted the Sustainable Dover initiative. As explained in the introduction on the city website: ‘In 2005 the City of Dover embarked on creating a more sustainable future through an array of policy decisions … Continue reading

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Lawn Care

One of the members of Non-Toxic Dover, NH sent me an excerpt from New Hampshire resident and author, Jane Wingate’s book Coggerton. Only two short pages, it is a sobering reminder of the attitudes that persist about pesticide use, and … Continue reading

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