Dover Continues With Toxic Turf Program

Just when things were looking so good.

There were two bid proposals* submitted for Organic Turf Services this season, with one exceedingly high at $232,629.56 and the other coming in at $99,305. 2019 B19043 Results 

The first bid was from the current turf vendor, and the second from an organic company. The second being the most realistic of the two, it should be noted that this is an initial price, and will continue to come down over time as the plan changes and the soil improves therefore needing less and less inputs.

The city has been used to paying unrealistically low prices for their conventional turf care over the years, so their sticker shock is perfectly understandable. But this is why the city has a consultant – so that we can adjust the program to fit the city’s budget. Unfortunately, rather than work on the program and stay true to our organic resolution, the city staff recommended to continue the toxic program outlined in last season’s proposal.


An application made in June 2018 of 2,4-D, dicamba, dithiopyr, MCPA, chlorantraniliprole, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizer etc. at Henry Law Park.

What a monumental disappointment.

Did the city council stop to consider that perhaps the increased price of the program that was put together based on our soil tests is due to the fact that we need to repair the damage done by the last 15 plus years of toxic treatments?

Did the city council read the bid submission where the organic contractor offered alternate products to lower the price, presenting different options for that?

Why didn’t city staff work with them and with our consultant to adjust the program?

Why would the city vote unanimously for an organic policy just to violate it every year?

Are you sick of having our children and pets exposed to toxic chemicals in our parks and athletic fields?

Nearly 23 acres of toxic treatments will continue this season:

☠️ City Hall – 288 Central Avenue
☠️ Public Library – 73 Locust Street
☠️ Upper Henry Law Park – corner of Washington Street and Henry Law Avenue
☠️ Lower Henry Law Park – Pool Parking Lot to River St
☠️ Upper Square – (3) islands on Central Avenue between 2 and 3 Streets
☠️ Shaw’s Lane Athletic Fields – intersection of Back River Road / Garrison Road and off Shaw’s Lane
a. 2 softball fields
b. 3 full size soccer fields
c. 1 practice soccer / multi-purpose field
🌱 Woodman Park baseball field*
☠️ McConnell Center, 61 Locust St
☠️ Maglaras Park 2 ball field on Henry Law
a – Guppy Park ball field Portland Ave
b – Point Place, Applevale Ball Park
☠️ Sullivan Dr Ball Field
☠️ Longhill Multi Purpose field
☠️ Garrison park ball field
☠️ North End Fire Station 262 Sixth St

*ONLY WPS baseball field will be a true organic program.




*Referenced documents:

PJC Organic Proposal 2019 Bid

Green Grass Proposal 2019 Bid

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Advocating for safe and healthy public spaces for Dover, New Hampshire residents.
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