Dover’s School Athletic Fields: Triple the Price, Still Not Organic!

We received word from the school district’s Facilities Director recently that the subcontractor will be proceeding with their turf management program as illustrated in the document below.

It’s mostly organic this year, but mostly organic still isn’t organic! This isn’t a test site, this isn’t a pilot program, it is time to do this for real. We have had a policy in place since last year specifying organic land management practices.

2019 School Turf Program

Using a conventional grub control as a blanket preventative treatment is not only unnecessary and costs us more, but it also violates our city policy. In the past acelepryn was the designated product named by the city bid (meaning all vendors were required to use it as part of their contract) and told to the district to be used – but those days are over and we have an organic land management policy and plan now.

The school district has been given the exact same opportunity to work with the organic expert the city is, and to receive a free plan to follow, but they are eschewing this unlimited free technical assistance that we have as part of the Stonyfield #playfree initiative at Woodman Park School.

Being that it was violated on both city and school property last season, residents are within reason to expect adherence to the resolution this year, with no more excuses. The city has stepped up and turned things around with their purchase of steam weeding unit for curbside weed control (no more Roundup and Reward) and their new bid specifying a true organic program. They have demonstrated a real effort thus far this season.

Despite this, once again, as seen from the program outlined above, the school district’s management company and subcontractor intend to foist their own pretend version of “organic” upon us at three times the price.

Oh yes, you read that right, TRIPLE the price! Last season, the city put out a bid for the school sites and received two proposals from accredited organic vendors. Both of those bids were around $12,000. Last season’s invoices added up to $24,152 for the school district’s 6 athletic fields. This year we still have 6 fields, and the price has jumped up another $11,148.


Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 1.42.33 PM

Totals from invoices obtained by 91-A request. In 2016 two fields were lost due to construction.


True organic programs are shown to come down in price over time, not increase. Since we are being given no choice but to pay such an exorbitant price, shouldn’t we at least expect that it not violate our city policy and actually be 100% organic as promised?

Share your thoughts with the Dover school board by clicking here.

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