2016 Dover Curbside Weed Control

Despite much communication and resource sharing over the past year, the city of Dover will once again be having contractors spray herbicides along the curb lines of our downtown area streets.


At least four times this season, usually around the first week of June, July, August, and September, herbicides will be applied to public areas.


Municipal Pest Management’s bid for option A was chosen, the products listed on the permit are as follows:

Roundup Promax (glyphosate)- EPA 524-579 MSDS

Rodeo Herbicide (glyphosate)- EPA# 62719-324 MSDS

Avenger Weedkiller (d-limonene) – EPA:82052-1 MSDS

The third product is an OMRI certified product which means it is an organic approved herbicide. Had this been the only product being used this season it would have counted as a large improvement, however, with the other two products in use it makes little difference. This is not an IPM option, nor is it an organic option. None of the bid submissions fit the true definition of IPM nor were they anything resembling organic. The bids were essentially all for option A.

A grave disappointment.

This means contractors are still using two herbicide formulations, both with the active ingredient glyphosate. Glyphosate is recognized as a probable carcinogen and is linked to numerous health effects along with its major metabolite (breakdown product) AMPA. Glyphosate is known to contaminate groundwater due to runoff and leaching like many other pesticides.

Dover uses eight wells located throughout the city to pump groundwater from four underground aquifers. Will you know if there is glyphosate in your drinking water? The MCLG (maximum contaminant level goal) for glyphosate is 0.7 mg/L or 700 ppb. Only when testing shows glyphosate is above this limit will it be reported. Anything above this limit must be filtered out, but no routine filtering of this contaminant is done below this level. Research shows harm from chronic exposure at even these low levels. To learn more about glyphosate also known as Roundup, see It’s Raining Roundup…

Here is the a list of streets that are usually sprayed, however residents whose streets were not on this list have spotted contractors spraying in the past, so please keep that in mind.


Our city government welcomes input from residents. Ask them to investigate safer alternatives to conventional herbicide spraying. Contact the city council by clicking ‘Email Board’ under the photo. Contact the city manager here.

Facilities Grounds and Cemeteries has been given a list of alternative methods and products to try this season. Give them a call at 603 516-6480 to see how it’s going, and let them know you want to see those alternatives being used next season.  A convenient email form to contact Community Services can be found here.


About NonToxicDoverNH

Advocating for safe and healthy public spaces for Dover, New Hampshire residents.
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