Council Workshop With Beyond Pesticides

On Wednesday, September 2nd the Dover city council held a workshop meeting devoted in part to a presentation and discussion with Chip Osborne and Jay Feldman from Beyond Pesticides.

This marks the end of our petition and the beginning of a transition to truly sustainable land and turf management practices in the city of Dover.

The city is arranging training with Chip Osborne who will be able to teach the city employees and contractors how to implement a natural systems approach to turf management. A workshop tailored to residents will also be offered, in addition to the municipal training, probably sometime this fall.

Aerial view of lower Henry Law park, one of Dover's organic test sites.

Aerial view of lower Henry Law park, one of Dover’s organic test sites.

During the discussion, councilor Jason Gagnon brings up the economic benefits of reducing and eliminating fertilizer and pesticide use. He’s absolutely right. Nutrient pollution is big problem here for the Great Bay Watershed. Wastewater treatment plant upgrades are necessary – but costly. Fertilizer runoff is one significant source, and responsible fertilizer use is a simple and inexpensive way to make a positive impact and reduce that part of the non-point source load.

It’s time to create truly green spaces in Dover. Thank you to all who signed the petition and lent your support. We are so excited to see the city partnering with Beyond Pesticides, and will keep updating the progress of this effort in the future.

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Watch the council workshop here:

City Council workshop, 9/2/2015


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Advocating for safe and healthy public spaces for Dover, New Hampshire residents.
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