Dover’s 2015 Turf Season – Organic Spaces

We have some good news regarding this year’s turf maintenance bid. Two of the city owned spaces will be treated organically. Lower Henry Law Park and Sullivan Drive ball field are to be maintained by Go Green Landscaping Inc. This is a very positive development, and one that we hope will continue to grow in the future. Community support was essential in making this happen, and credit belongs to those who wrote or called city decision makers about this issue. Your voice matters – thank you!

Lower Henry Law Park, next to the Cocheco River

Bee Safe/Go Green Landscaping products:

The approach taken will be different from conventional methods in that the focus is on soil health, with the reduction and eventual elimination of chemical inputs as the greatest priority. Lower Henry Law Park has not seen any turf care for quite some time, and Sullivan Drive ball field has multiple issues that need addressing in the coming season. We will be following the progress on both sites and sharing the results when the season is over.

With the exception of the two sites mentioned above, city and all of school property will be treated using conventional methods and products.

Products for Sweetser Farms/Green Grass:

3-way herbicide 2,4 – d, Mecoprop-P, & Dicamba as Mec Amine-D

Acclaim or Quinclorac for post emergent crabgrass control to Soccer fields

Dimension (crabgrass preemergent)

Acelepryn (replaced imidacloprid last season for grubs)

feed grade urea (fertilizer)

Reduction and elimination of cosmetic pesticides used in turf care fit with Sustainable Dover guidelines. Please thank the city for this first step, and let them know you want to see the all of city and school property begin the transition to organic methods for next season.


About NonToxicDoverNH

Advocating for safe and healthy public spaces for Dover, New Hampshire residents.
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