An Open Letter to the Dover School District

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dear Dover Parents and Educators,

A recent report by CBS Los Angeles details the changes being made in school policy regarding pesticide use in the Los Angeles Unified School District by California Safe Schools.

Currently in Dover we are awaiting the city’s decision on the city and school turf bids. On behalf of our citizen’s group I was able to find a local company using safer methods, to bid on this years contract.

Choosing safer methods is in line with the city’s sustainability goals, but what of our school system? Making that choice for this season is one step, what about the future? To my knowledge there is no such policy in place. We need a comprehensive plan to protect our children from pesticide exposure and ensure that it is both ongoing and consistent in the years to come.

I urge all of you to support the safer choice for our city and school grounds, and begin the steps to put a policy in place similar to LAUSD and CSS to be sure we are doing all we can to protect our children.

Please take a moment to view this important video from Canadian Environmental Health Atlas. A companion review article can be found here.

Current federal and state regulations are not enough to protect children (or adults, pets and the environment) from harm. We must take the initiative in this matter if we ever expect there to be a change.

Would you like to see a comprehensive policy in place that puts emphasis on precaution to protect the brains and bodies of our children? Contact Superintendent Elaine Arbour and the members of the Dover School Board and let them know you think we should be doing everything we can to make our schools safe now, and in the future.*

For more on children and pesticides, see our previous post Pesticide Use At Dover Schools.

*UPDATE: On May 19th Dr. Arbour responded to this request. She will be looking into beginning the process to put a policy in place over the summer break. She understands the importance of protecting our children from unnecessary exposures at school. Contact her to let her know you support this effort, and to say thank you.


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